Prepare Your Home

To begin, contacting Renfrow Realty is a great option when beginning to assess what prep needs done at your home.  We know homes – including renovation.

Buyers know you are living in the home and don’t expect a perfectly staged home.  However, that doesn’t mean small changes are not a good idea.  Here are a few:

  • Consider finishing projects you started but failed to complete (we all have those)
  • Repair peeling or chipped paint 
  • Declutter 
  • Give your home a deep cleaning

Find an Agent

  • Who is the best fit for you?  Do your research.  It’s ok to meet with different agents to decide who’s the best fit for you.  
  • Speak with your local friends, family and neighbors for recommendations.

Determine List Price 

There are many factors involved when deciding the value of your home.  Some of these include supply/demand, current economy, and job market.  It is important to consider these factors as well as compare your home to recent sales.

Renfrow Realty is happy to prepare a free Market Analysis of your property with no obligation. 

List Your Home

The way buyers find homes as clearly changed over the years.   Here are ways to market your property:

  • Multiple Listing Service (known as the MLS)
  • Websites (many are linked through the MLS)
  • Social Media
  • Open Houses
  • Signage
  • Print Advertising 


Signs and Lockboxes

Typically, a “For Sale” sign will be placed in your yard and a lockbox will be installed on a door or railing.  Lockboxes are installed in order for agents to gain access to show your home.  


You will always receive notice before a showing.  How much notice will be up to you, but we like to be as flexible as possible to allow all potential buyers access.  Plan on showings lasting 30-45 minutes but understand many buyers are seeing concurrent homes and may take a bit longer.  We typically ask that sellers are not present during showings.  


Receiving offers is of course exciting but can also be stressful.  Because of that, it’s important to understand the process which is where your agent comes in.  When you receive an offer, your agent will explain the details so you can make a fully-informed decision.  It does not always come down to the purchase price.  Some items to consider:

  • Closing date
  • Possession date
  • Buyer sale contingencies
  • Inspections
  • Type of financing

Negotiating/Counter Offer

After receiving an offer, the seller may respond by:

1. Accepting the buyer’s offer as written

2. Declining the buyer’s offer

3. Countering the buyer’s offer 


This negotiating process can at times seem very complicated. However, if you are equip with the right Jeff Wiles Realty agent, all of this can be made hassle-free.

During the negotiating process of the sale of a home, the seller can react in one of three different ways:

  1. Accept the buyer’s proposed offer
  2. Decline the buyer’s offer
  3. Make a new counter-offer



There may be multiple inspections including a general home inspection, pest inspection and radon inspection.  We strongly suggest that during the inspection sellers are not home.  These inspections many times are performed by one company and can take 3-4 hours to complete.


Appraisals are used and required by all lenders to establish the market value of a home prior to finalizing the buyer’s loan.  It is ok for you to be home during the appraisal.


This gives the buyer an opportunity to walk through the home prior to closing to make sure the home is in the same condition it was when they agreed to purchase. 


Closing is the process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer and usually takes between 30 and 45 days to complete.  This will depend on how smoothly all of the prior steps take place.

Deed & Mortgage Recorded

After the buyer and seller sign their closing documents and the mortgage has been funded the title office will have the deed and mortgage recorded with the auditor’s office.


Possession is when ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer.  This will happen after the deed has been recorded or per contract terms.  Sometimes the seller will request some extra time in the home after the sale is completed in order to finish their move.

When giving possession to the buyer your property should be cleared of all contents unless it was something required to stay per contract.  Your home should also be left in a clean condition.